6 Amazing Advantages and Benefits of Ceiling fans

Determining between a ceiling fan and wall fan? Discovery the awesome vantages and benefits of ceiling fans in your homes today!

1. Cost savings

Possessing a ceiling fan installed allows you to turn it on when the day’s temperature is not too hot or humid as it will dilute the cost of your electricity bills as compared to the use of air-conditioners.

2. Environmentally friendly

Ceiling fans are definitely much more environmentally friendly “Uses much less electricity thus cutting your carbon footprint” as compared to air-conditioners.

3. Easy maintenance

Ceiling fans requires very little upkeep as compared to air-conditioners. Cleaning off the dust once in a while on the top side of the ceiling fan blades are also a “child's play”

4. Dual Purpose function (Fan with Lights)

Most ceiling Fans these days comes with lovely lightings. These ceiling fans with lights provide additional ceiling lightings for the room and can serve as a 2 in 1 purpose by the combination of ceiling light and a fan.

5. Frees up valuable floor space

The key vantage of having ceiling fans installed over stand fans are that ceiling fans allows you to save up floor space in your room. In addition, with ceiling fans, you do not have to worry about the electrical cable cord which runs on the floor of your room as equated to stand fans.

6. Decor display

Majority modern ceiling fans these days are designed with style, elegance and come in all sorts of colors. Hence installing stylish ceiling fans in your living room or rooms can not only serve dual functions as a functional fan and also as a pleasing eye catching decorative item for your rooms.